McDonald’s Scented Candles!

Your house can smell like a quarter Pounder for days!

Do you really love the smell of McDonald’s.  You know, when you bring it home and the scent lingers for days…

If you want to keep that scent alive, you’re in luck!

Introducing McDonald’s scented candles!  Your house can now smell like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese year round!

You can now scent your home with pickle and beef scented candles and enjoy the quarter pounder flavours whenever you like.  

There are 6 scented candles offered in the fan club store which include…ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, 100-percent fresh beef patty and sesame seed bun . 

The candles come in a candle pack of glass jars and retail for $35.


If perhaps McDonald’s candles aren’t what you’re looking for, there are other products available like a burger bun umbrella,  A reusable bag, Heart Shaped locket with the famous M on it…Or if you’d like, you can order some Micky D’s apparel! 

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