Medical Professionals Say Long Nails Are One Of The Fastest Spreaders Of COVID-19

Keep nails short- just in case.

We are all pros now at washing our hands, but do you have a nail scrubber to ensure that underneath those long nails are clean?

A nurse is speaking out and warning that long nails can be one of the fastest spreaders of coronavirus as they can  hold germs, and bacteria.

Makes sense, right?  We have already been warned about putting our hands near our face and to NOT bite your nails.

The nurse wrote that this is the best way to keep nails short!  She wrote on facebook:

To test if your nails are short enough, she said you can press the tip of your finger. against your skin. If you can feel your nails but not the flesh of your finger, the nails are too long and need to be cut immediately.


‘If you can’t put your fingernails straight down against your other palm without your nails adding too much distance to do it, you cannot wash under your fingernails properly unless you use a nail brush every time.’

If you have naturally long or fake nails on at the moment, the best thing would be to cut them or take them off as it’s unlikely you’re using a nail brush each time you wash your hands.  It’s also suggested that you clean your wedding rings well or just keep them off for now…