Men Touch Their Pills On Average Seven Times Per Day!

Grabbing men’s attention in the name of Testicular Cancer

A third of men have never had their testicles checked by a doctor… A slightly humorous study was done to bring awareness to the matter.

A survey was conducted over 2000 men to determine the phenomenon between men and the balls..

According to the findings, a quarter of men say they have to touch the jewels at least 10 times a day, while there is a much smaller percentage that admit they will at least 50 times in 24 hours.  (Those are the ones in their parent’s basement)

The reason for this survey is really about men’s awareness of testicular cancer.  62% of men say they haven’t had their balls checked by a doctor in over 10 years.

Most men say they’re only concerned and see a doctor about their junk if they injure it somehow.  In case you were wondering; These are the most popular testicle injuries…


The 10 most popular testicle injuries

1. Hit by a ball during sport (35%)
2. Sat awkwardly and hurt themselves (14%)
3. Received an accidental smack by their child (13%)
4. Snared themselves with a trouser zip (13%)
5. Slipped and banged them while riding a bike (11%)
6. Carrying something (9%)
7. Injury during sex (7%)
8. Hit by an overenthusiastic dog or pet (6%)
9. Accidentally smeared them with something that stings, like Deep Heat (5%)
10. DIY (5%)