Men Will Spend Over $200 On Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air!

52% of us will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, but spending is down across the board.  The average V-day spend is $165, 31 bucks less than last year.



Here are five more quick stats.



1.  Men will spend an average of $231.  Women will only spend $101.

2.  The top five things people are spending money on are our significant other or spouse, other family members, our friends, our kids’ classmates, and teachers, and our pets.  And around one in seven people will also buy THEMSELVES a gift.



3.  The most popular gifts this year are candy, cards, flowers, and an evening out. (If you can)  But only one in four people are going out this year, which is the lowest EVER.



4.  41% are planning a special dinner or celebration at home instead.



5.  73% of people who are celebrating think it’s especially important to do something for Valentine’s Day this year.