Mentioning These Foods On Your Online Dating Profile Can Help You Score

a date!

According to a study by the online dating service Zoosk, specific foods will get you more attention when looking for your match online.

The study shows that guacamole or avocado in your Tinder profile gets you more messages in your inbox by a whopping 144 percent.

Potatoes and chocolate are also foods that people are attracted too.  Here are some Potatoe chocolates


Also if you mention that you’re a “foodie” or the word “cook” in your profile, your chances of getting a date go up by 80 percent.

If you mention that you’re a vegan, your chances increase by 26 percent.

If you really want results, putting the eggplant emoji in your profile, will for sure get you noticed.

Foods you should NOT mention are Yams, fried chicken, burritos and pizza.

The study shows there is a difference in food responses between men and women. For example, women are turned off when men mention “fast food”

Happy Swiping!