Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee is Making Art

Bubbles' art is part of a fundraiser for an animal sanctuary.

Michael Jackson’s chimp, Bubbles, was a big part of his life. Jackson adopted Bubbles from a Texas research facility and the chimpanzee often became his travel companion. He even brought Bubbles to Japan where he drank tea with the mayor of Osaka.

Eventually, in 2004, Bubbles was sent to the Centre for Great Apes. He’s been living there ever since and has 47 other orangutans and chimpanzees as friends.

The Centre was in need of money recently and the art work by the orangutans and chimpanzees was put on display at  gallery.

According to Global News/ Reuters, Adam Brand, the gallery owner, was the one who came up with the idea after visiting the facility. While on his visit, Brand had seen a photo a chimp painting something and, on the long drive home, it dawned on him that the paintings could be the fund raiser!

(screencap from Global News video)

The paintings have sold for $375 to $2000USD. According to the report, “the money will ultimately go toward the center’s cost of permanently housing and caring for some primates who intense training regimes to perform on camera or in other forms of entertainment, don’t have the skills to ever return to the wild.”

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Would you buy artwork by a chimpanzee or orangutan? What if it were Micheal Jackson’s buddy, Bubbles?

Title image, painting by Congo the Chimpanzee.