Micheal Buble Will Appear In A Super Bowl Ad For The First Time!

Micheal will help sell sparkling water during the Super Bowl!

Micheal Buble will be a part of the super bowl this year for the first time, in an add for flavoured sparkling water brand Bubly.

Micheal’s add will air during the the 3rd quarter of the game.  In an interview, Buble says that he’s a big fan of American football and he and the sparkling water brand has a similar name- which is the concept behind the commercial. 

In the teaser add, you can see Micheal sitting on the floor of a supermarket with a Sharpie- changing the ‘y’ on cans of Bubly to an ‘e’.


And just in case you were wondering, A 30-second spot during the U.S. broadcast of the Super Bowl runs about $5 million U.S