Mick Jagger Needs A Vasectomy Says Keith Richards.

They bicker like brothers!

Mick is 74 and a father of 8 kids. The youngest was born in 2016 when he and girlfriend Ballerina Melanie Hamrick had a son!

Bandmate, Keith says enough- Be a father to the ones you have and a grandfather to your older kids that now have kids and stop making babies!

Keith told the Wall Street Journal, “Mick is a randy old bastard,”  “It’s time for the snip – you can’t be a father at that age. Those poor kids!”

These guys have been bickering for years…Keith Richards poked fun at the size of Mick’s manhood and took criticized Mick’s womanizing ways, among other things, in his bestselling 2010 memoir Life. They did kiss and makeup which allowed them to go out on their 50 & Counting tour a few years ago…

The bandmates insist that their bickering is what gives the band their drive to keep moving forward!