Micro-Cheating Does it count?

You friended an old boyfriend on Facebook, does your partner know?

So what exactly is Micro-Cheating? According to relationship expert Melanie Schilling, micro-cheating can include texting someone without your partner’s knowledge, saving someone under a fake name in your phone or lying about the status of your relationship to others.

So secretly connecting with another person on social media, downplaying the seriousness of your current relationship or putting a person’s name under a code in your phone is micro-cheating.

This small action may seem harmless, but you are ultimately emotionally focusing on someone outside of your relationship.

So would just chalk this up to harmless flirting…If you know that you are hiding a conversation; you are micro-cheating…

Next time you friend someone you use to know from Facebook- think about it and ask yourself “Is it worth it?”