Microsoft is Bringing Back Windows 1.0 to Celebrate ‘Stranger Things 3’

Microsoft has gone all nostalgic...

Beginning on July 1st the gigantic computer software brand, Microsoft went back in time teasing their old school Windows logos on social media

Nearly 34 years ago Microsoft released Windows version 1.0. The first Windows was cutting edge because it involved using a keyboard AND a mouse, (which wasn’t common at the time.)

The 1980’s style logos and music is a perfect match for what has become the most popular original content show on Netflix, Stranger Things. Until July 7th, nobody had any clue why Microsoft was being so nostalgic and suddenly after this post, (below) it all makes sense.

Netflix has been pouring $$ into merchandise for Stranger Things in promotion of Season 3.

Partnering with Nike, for shoes and shirts.

Coke for old school Coke cans.

This latest partnership is with Microsoft, as the throwback Windows 1.0 will feature Stranger Things themed games and videos.