Midland Police Service Given Official Expiry Date

Question of Severance Packages Left up to Arbitration

The Midland Police Service has until Feburary 8th. The Ontario Civilian Policing Commission has given the nod to disband the municipal police service in favour of the OPP, marking the end of the Midland Police. There are about 40 members of the Midland Police Service, and some of those are expected to find employment within the OPP’s ranks. But how many, is tough to say, according to Midland Police Association Vice President Bill Gordon.

But what of those who choose not to make the move to the provincial service? Gordon says that question is a source of frustration for some of his fellow officers, as Town Hall is dragging its feet.

Midland Mayor Gord McKay says arbitration is a tried and true practice in dealing with police issues.

He adds he’s aware it prolongs the issue.

Midland council voted 6-3 in September to disband its municipal police, with claims a provincial patrol will save about six million dollars.