Millennials Are Killing Christmas!

If you've done away with Mistletoe, blame it on a millennial!

According to a survey we aren’t continuing old Christmas traditions and its all thanks to Millennials…

For example, only 6% of us will be going carolling this year, only 9% of us will roast chestnuts on an open fire- and when it comes to the mistletoe tradition – only %16 partake…

Millennials have also killed off making paper chains (only one in ten do that now) and only 12% light Christmas pudding on fire…

Here’s a list of what the study found!

Go carol singing- (only 6% will do this for Christmas) 

Hide a silver coin in your Christmas pudding – 6% 

Giving gifts to the postman – 8% 

Roasting chestnuts – 9% 

Going to a carol service on Christmas Eve – 11% 

Lighting a brandy-soaked Christmas pudding – 12% 

Having mistletoe around the house – 14% 

Hanging holly and ivy in the house – 15% 

Kissing under the mistletoe – 16% 

Making decorations by hand – 16% 

Making a Christmas cake – 19% 

Having a real Christmas tree – 22% 

Hanging stockings over the fireplace – 24% 

Lighting candles for the Christmas table – 32% 

Wearing a Christmas jumper – 41% 

Having a Boxing Day buffet – 41%