Millennials Have Less Than 7 Hours Of Relaxation Time Per Week

It's all because of smartphones

A new survey says that Millennials only get about seven-hours a week to relax and its because they’re too wrapped up in their phones.

A poll of 2,000 adults aged 18-34 found that busy home and work lives means they get less than an hour to themselves each day.


Six out of ten surveyed say “They never Relax” because they’re always checking their phone for emails and messages.

10% of them say that they struggle to go longer than 10 minutes without checking their smartphones.


9 out of 10 say they check their phone even though they know they haven’t had any messages- they just want to look at their screens.


62% say that they find modern life stressful while 46% wish smartphones had never been invented.


So how do Millennials relax:


One in five will take their dog for a walk

14% say they will actually put their phones away and out of sight

59% say they watch TV

54% will read a book

52% will go for a walk!