Millennials More Likely To Buy A Haunted House Compared To Other Generations

It’s going to take more than a few ghosts to scare some buyers away from their dream home.

According to a recent survey, one in three buyers would be willing to purchase a haunted home if they got a little something extra out of the deal.  Of all ages groups and 1000 people asked, millennials were the most likely to do so.

While the millennial group seemed to be willing to overlook spirit sights and hair-raising experiences, other groups were not…

Gen X-ers and baby boomers were less likely to buy a haunted house although for the right price- they may consider it…

Does anyone not remember the Amityville Horror?

Unfortunately, most buyers probably wouldn’t know their home-to-be was haunted. Only about 34 percent of sellers would disclose ghosts to interested buyers, while another 27 percent would only tell them if they were asked about it.