Millions of Millennials Say They Can’t Change A Light Bulb!

How many millennials does it take to change a lightbulb?

There’s a reason that millennials are easy targets with millions admitting that they can’t hang a picture or change a light bulb!

The study polled adults aged 25 to 34 and found that many DIY tasks are too overwhelming to handle.

The tasks that millennials avoid include:

Putting up wallpaper, tightening a wobbly kitchen cupboard door, fixing a loose screw, and yes- changing a light bulb.  The study found that the average millennial will go about three weeks before asking someone else to change it for them.

Less then a quarter say their personal DIY skills are not great, with 13 per cent saying they suck.

According to the survey, by Plusnet, a third of millennials will get help on DIY tasks because they aren’t confident in their own ability, while a quarter agreed someone else will do a better job.  Many will ask for help because they are too impatient and want it done right away.

So who are they asking for help?  Dad appears to be the go-to-person, followed by a brother or a mother.

87% of millennials will ask google for help with DIY tasks, while 41% will just bite it and hire a tradesperson to fit the problem.

More than a quarter would rather pay someone to fix the issue than have to do it themselves.