Mishap Causes Red Wine To Flow Through Faucets Of Italian Town

How great would it be if you could just turn on the tap and wine came out?  It happened to an Italian village!  

Locals in the town of Castelvetro saw their faucets and shower heads overflowing with vino instead of water after a mishap at the local winery.


For three hours, 1000 liters of the alcoholic beverage poured through the town’s pipes due to a faulty valve at the nearby Cantina Settecani winery, reported CNN.


The malfunction caused the winery’s Lambrusco Grasparossa wine to flow from its silo at such a high pressure that it displaced the water in the pipes.

Officials sent technicians to quickly fix the glitch and notified villagers that the leak posed no health risks as the red liquid was simply wine.

Locals didn’t seem to mind as many took advantage of the issue, filling up bottles and also sharing pictures and video to social media.

The situation appeared to bring some fun to the area which is in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Northern Italy for the most part has been placed in lockdown with 14 provinces restricting travel.

The quarantine includes the cities of Milan and Venice -they are in effect until April 3rd.  Anyone not adhering to the new travel rules could face jail time and a $232 penalty.

In addition, schools and universities have suspended classes until March 15th and customers in bars, restaurants and shops need to stay 3 feet away from each other.