Mom Gets An Anonymous Letter From Angry Neighbour(s) Complaining That Her Kids Are Too Loud When They Play Outside!

Really? This at a time when most kids won't go out and play!

A Newmarket mother of four boys under the age of six received a letter in the mail sent via Canada Post explaining that her children were too loud when they play in their backyard.

The letter came from a clearly frustrated neighbour who did not leave a return address suggesting that the noise that was coming from her children was interrupting TV viewing, reading and napping.

The letter read in part,

“We encourage you to correct your child when he screams by saying, ‘Please stop that yelling’ or something like that,” the letter stated. “Perhaps if you supervised them while they were in the backyard it would help.”

The mother, Morgan DeCairos DeBoer says that it won’t stop her children’s outside play time and encourages all parents to have their children take a break from technology and enjoy the great outdoors.  Many of her followers have offered to bring their children over for a playdate in the backyard, to lend her children drum sets or to throw a large party for the neighbourhood children in her backyard.


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