Mom Muscles Vs Fun Muscles…

It's mom's night out! Let's party until 11pm!

It’s time for a well deserved Mom’s night for Charlie… Sadly, it’s been awhile since she’s used those fun muscles.  You know, the one’s you forgot you had because all your energy and strength now goes into keeping little humans alive.

Dale wrote Charlie a Mom’s night anthem!

So that got us talking about Mom muscles Vs Fun muscles!


Mom Muscles include:

Your fingers: 

Constantly texting your other mom friends “I’m Done, I’m selling the kids on eBay.” 


Your biceps when the kids are babies:

Constantly picking up those little buggers, give you if nothing else- stellar arms for about 2 years!


Your Shoulders:

Those puppies are powerful as you constantly try and get your toddler’s legs into a onesie when they won’t bend their knees…


Your month muscles:

Your ability to yell, drink coffee and wine all day is impressive


FUN Muscles


The Bladder:

Most days after babies- a sneeze, cough or quick walk will cause this muscle to fail you; however- a miracle happens when your out with friends- your bladder can retain and hold liquid like a sponge.


Your calfs:

Those puppies are hair free and yoga pants free for a night out!  Show those ladies off.


Your feet

You haven’t warn heels in 6 months and your feet have never quite recovered from the swollen canoes they were during pregnancy- but tonight- they fit into those sexy heels and you don’t care how much they hurt the next day.