It's coming....Are you ready for it?

How to survive the summer according to Charlie!

You beverage choice:  Drink lots of coffee- to start; than drink what you want when you want.  Noon in the summer is really 10am

Bathing your children my be replaced by swimming in chlorine water, the lake or a sprinkler- if you’re desperate!

When the kids start to fight- go into another room and shut the door- or better yet; just walk out of the house.

When it comes to food- Stock you cabinets with anything that doesn’t require cutlery or napkins..Stock up on hotdogs and laxatives- because with all that junk they will become constipated…

The key to a great summer, is low expectations.  Stop trying to plan fun days for them and make your own fun- like watching them pelt each other with water balloons while you sit on a lawn chair with wine!

Summer camp drop off sign

Let the chaos happen- let the dirt lie- let the wine flow, cause its going to be a sh** show!