Mom Sets Guinness Record at Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Super Mom ran 21km's with FOUR kids!

This past weekend, (October 21st) was the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Let me remind you that an actual marathon distance is 42km’s. Some of us drive that to work and back daily and depending on traffic it can feel like forever. The Half Marathon distance is 21km’s.

Julie Hillis is a certified Super Mom! Along with her 4 kids Duncan, Sarah, Maggie & Isa she broke the record for the Fastest Half Marathon Pushing 2 Double Strollers! WHAT???

With Halloween approaching many of the other records included costumes…

Bradley Vincent ran an entire Half Marathon dressed as a poo emoji. He’s now in the Guinness World Record for Fastest Time Dressed as an Emoji with a time of 1Hr38Min.

Fred and Barney left Bam Bam at home when they set the record for Fastest Half Marathon in a 2 Person Costume. In a time of 1Hr30Mins, they even ran the entire distance with The Flinstone car, which ironically is how that car is powered.

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