Mom Solves Common Problem That Every Parent Faces In An Epic Way!

F***et Buckets! Brilliant!

Tripping over toys is an everyday occurrence in homes with small children.  Parents constantly picking up toys only after stepping on them- is part of life…

One mom was fed up and decided to do something about the problem when her kids refused to pick up their toys…

Here’s what she did:

She put out a bucket for each child.  Any toys left out will go into that child’s bucket.  

By the end of the day, if that child doesn’t put their toys in the proper spot- mom throws out the toys.

She calls this the F***et buckets!

‘If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because f***et if I’m cleaning it up.’

Perhaps we should add a bucket for husbands socks?