Moms Feel Guilty About Everything!

New study suggests that even when Moms do find the time for themselves, they feel guilty about it.

Self-care is a big deal.  As a mother, self-care comes second and third even to kids and family.  Finding time for yourself is extremely hard to do and when you do find the time, a new study suggests that you feel guilty about it.

There was a study commissioned by beauty box company, Birchbox, about how mom’s view on self-care, and what gets in the way of getting enough me-time.

The study found out that:

2 in 5 people (40%) say they rarely have time for themselves each day and this number is higher among parents.

People who are single do seem to find more time for themselves versus people with children, (42% versus 30%)

67% of people report caring for others over their own self-care.

When parents finally make/find time to self care- they feel guilty about it.  1 in 3 feel guilty for taking time for themselves. 


It’s not like parents don’t want to have more time to themselves, with 3 in 10 wishing they could selfceare.  It’s when they get a chance the guilty is so overwhelming to parents, they opt out.

21% of parents don’t engage in self-care because they feel guilty!  Basically parents don’t relax even when there is an opportunity.

When it comes to men and women, the guilty is divided.  Moms are more likely to feel both guilty and overwhelmed compared to dads. (66% versus 53%) Moms often feel more burnt out compared to dads also. (54% versus 43%) 

Dads and men in general are more likely to make time for themselves versus moms. (34% versus 26%) 

No question, we lead busier lives these days compared to past generations.  But we should make more of an effort to self-care. 

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