Mom’s Work About 100 Hours Per Week

Super Mom to the rescue!

Moms…heroes without capes. A new survey found that moms work almost 100 hours a week. Remember how a “normal” work week is 40 hours? This is 2.5x that.

We all know that being a mom is a full-time gig, mostly thankless, but we do it all!

According to research commissioned by Welch’s, moms who juggle kids with paid jobs end up working 98 hours per week! To put that in perspective, notes that there are only 168 hours in a week, which means moms are literally working around the clock.
(Information on dads was not included in the survey.)

The study found that moms with kids aged 5 to 12 work about 14-hours per day with the average momma bear starting her day at 6:23 am and ending mom duties at 8:31 pm…

The survey found that moms rely on specific lifesavers to get through their hectic schedule that includes wet wipes, drive-thrus, grandparents and Netflix.

Mom’s also noted that having a good babysitter and an endless supply of wine helps too.