MONDAY, Jupiter And Saturn Will Be Aligning For The First Time In Our Lifetime!

It will be out of this world!

Jupiter and Saturn are coming together in a rare alignment on Monday in a thing called “The Great Conjunction.”


This is a rare occurrence when Jupiter and Saturn make a joint appearance. According to experts, the last time you could actually see this was in 1623 and it was daytime, so it wasn’t great to see.


Experts say that the planets have been moving closer together for months and the big event will be Monday night at sunset!


NASA reports, “On that night, the sun sets at 4:40, so you can start seeing it at twilight at 5:15, and by 6:30, they are so close to the horizon, they’ll be hard to see.”


You’ll have the best view if you have binoculars, and you will be able to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.


The next time this conjunction will be visible in the night time sky will be in 2080.