Montreal man gets a ticket for singing to loudly while driving

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There’s nothing better than when you’re jam comes on the radio when you’re driving, you turn it up and roll those windows down-cause you need everyone to know “That’s my jam.”

A man named Taoufik Moalla was driving along singing his favourite song, Gonna Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) in late September when he was pulled over by an officer.

He pulled over, the officer approached his car and asked him “What’s happening?”- The man said “nothing.”

The officer then asked him, “Did you scream loudly?”  He replied, “No, I was just listening to my favourite song,” Moalla recalled. “I repeated, ‘Everybody dance now!'” Moalla said. A few minutes later, Moalla says police handed him a $149 ticket for “screaming in public.”

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Ed Sheeran- Castle on the Hill
White Snake- Here I go again
Reo Speedwagon- Can’t fight this feelin’
Backstreet boys- Drowning

Top Driving Tunes For Dale

Will Smith- Getting Jiggy wit it
Young MC- Bust a Movie
April Wine- Roller
Black Box- Strike it up (Dance)