More Money coming to Houston via celebrities!

You can help too!

As the need for financial help and support in Houston grows, celebrities are lending a hand.

A record breaking 1.2 metres of rain has come down within the past week, and the damage is extensive to say the least. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation has cost the lives of 39 people so far, with the number of injured and displaced growing rapidly. Drake is the latest celebrity to step up and donate, $200,000…. Ellen just donated $100,000 and Houston’s own Beyoncé is currently working with her charity Beygood and local organizations to raise funds as well.

Rachel Ray has donated $1 million to animals that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation has rescued more than 70 dogs  in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. So far this amazing foundation has helped 72 dogs and that’s on their FIRST day in Houston, Texas.