More Overdoses in Barrie Last Week Than In Weeks Previous

Fifty Per Cent More OD's Reported Than In Any Five Day Period For The Last Two Years

The health unit says there were fifty per cent more overdoses at RVH last week than in any other five day period over the last two years. Twenty-two people went to the emergency room in Barrie, between August 9th and 13th, as the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit says they overdosed on heroin, oxycontin, and may have unknowingly ingested fentanyl, as the opioid is being cut into street drugs without the user’s knowledge. “It’s very difficult to know what types of drugs are being illegally sold on the street so people who are using any substances recreationally need to take extra care, and to carry naloxone in the event of overdose,” said Dr. Lisa Simon, associate medical officer of health. “Anyone using drugs recreationally should ensure they have someone with them when using, use small quantities to start with, and make a plan and know how to respond to an overdose,” Dr. Simon added.