More People Are Into Self-Care Routines Then Ever Before!

A new study finds that seven out of 10 adults will be taking more time for self-care in 2021.

The survey commissioned by a wellness software company examined people’s self-care habits and the possibility of whether they see themselves investing in self-care more in the future.  The results showed that 67% of people agree personal self-care routines they developed during the pandemic have become a permanent part of their daily life.


When asked which activities people consider self-care, 47% said at-home spa rituals were their go-to. Other well-received activities include going to an actual spa (41%), getting a manicure/pedicure (36%), and getting a haircut (34%).

According to the research, three-quarters of people believe self-care can relieve stress and will try nearly anything to get their stress relief.



  1. At-home spa rituals                                                              47%
  2. Visiting the spa for treatments                                           41%
  3. Getting a mani/Pedi at a nail salon                                   36%
  4. Getting a haircut at a salon/barber                                   34%
  5. Home hair treatments                                                         34%
  6. Exercising outdoors                                                             33%
  7. Working out in a gym                                                          31%
  8. Getting hair colored at a salon                                           30%
  9. Taking a fitness class of any kind                                      29%
  10. Meditating                                                                              28%
  11. Buying new clothes or grooming products                      26%
  12. Socializing outside the home                                              24%
  13. Outdoor exercise classes                                                      22%
  14. Cleaning and decorating my home                                    22%
  15. Talking to a therapist                                                           22%