More People Cheating With Online Affairs During Lockdown!

The new norm, infidelity?

Since the creation of chat rooms, the web has long served as a breeding ground for cheaters. Last year, a YouGov poll found that some 17% of users across all dating apps were there to cheat on their current partners.


And this pandemic isn’t helping things…According to University of Tennessee-Knoxville psychologists Kristina Coop Gordon and Erica A. Mitchell, whose co-authored editorial, “Infidelity in the Time of COVID‐19,” published in the journal Family Process earlier this month.


The paper found that 25% of all marriages experience infidelity and now more than ever, couples are engaging in extramarital affairs through dating apps.  These apps allow people to look for hookups safely and subtly.

“Individuals who are dissatisfied in their current relationship are more likely to explore alternative options and the increased stress from the pandemic may be contributing to more negative perceptions for individuals of both their partner and their relationship,” they wrote.


These findings are backed up by website which has also reported a rise in new accounts created since the pandemic started. Another study found that about 13% of people currently in a relationship have reached out to an ex-lover during the pandemic.


“Research has consistently found increases in stress to be associated with decreases in both sexual and relationship satisfaction,” they wrote.