More Than Eight In 10 People Have Settled For Second Best

When it comes to their jobs, salary, and even their partner.

A study was done with 2,000 adults and found a ‘guess that will do’ approach has been accepted by many because they couldn’t afford better, or get what they really want.

41% percent of adults have settled in a relationship because they can’t find ‘the one’.


And seven in 10 adults have at some point accepted a salary which was far from ideal, with a fifth feeling there wasn’t room for negotiation and one quarter hoping a pay rise might happen in the future.

Of those polled, 66 percent have also accepted a job they didn’t want, largely because they couldn’t find anything better.

The study also found a house, friendships, and a car are among the other life-changing things adults have settled for when they really didn’t want to.

But researchers from OnePoll found two-thirds of those polled DO want more out of life, and the same percentage say the older they get, the less likely they are to settle for anything less than perfect.

Being too relaxed, lacking confidence, and wanting to go with the flow are also reasons why people don’t push to get what they want all the time.



1. Salary

2. Job

3. Dreamhouse

4. Car

5. Friendships

6. Partner

7. Supermarket’s own food instead of branded

8. A cheaper restaurant over fine dining

9. Staying at home for the evening instead of going out with

10. Clothing brands