Morrow Road Gets A Makeover

Not just a new patch of pavement, either

It’s been on CAA’s list of worst roads in Barrie for almost as long as the list has existed, cited for its bone-jarring, bumper-rattling ride. Morrow Road gets a grooming starting today. New sewers, watermains and a new coat of asphalt. The pavement will be pulverized today, new asphalt laid on Thursday. All work should be completed by the end of the week. Expect delays in the meantime with single-lane traffic and flagmen on duty.

Things you need to know:

Temporary Truck Route
Due to the extent of the reconstruction and access requirements, Morrow Road will be restricted to local traffic and will not be a through road. Until project completion, tenants, utilities, and the construction crew have been given permission to use Patterson Road as a temporary truck route to access Morrow Road.

Affected Services
Sanitary sewer, hydro, telephone, cable TV, and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

When PowerStream and Enbridge perform their relocation work, you can anticipate power outtages and gas supply interruptions. PowerStream and Enbridge will coordinate their relocations and power/gas interruptions with the business owners while they perform their respective work to minimize impacts on business operations.

Water service will be interrupted for a short time to switch service over to the new watermain. Notice of the timing of the water interruption will be provided.

Curbside collection service will not be affected. On the normal collection day, residents are asked to place all garbage/organics/recyclable and yard waste materials out by 7am. The construction contractor will remove these items and take them outside the construction zone, for pickup by the collection contractor. Emptied containers will be returned to the appropriate driveway. Please mark your address on all of your containers with a black marker.

Access to Properties
Vehicle access to properties within the construction limits will be provided at almost all times during construction periods. On several occasions however, direct access to driveways will be interrupted, due to driveway culvert replacement, watermain and sanitary sewer works. The Contractor must give prior notice of any imminent access restrictions to businesses.

Morrow Road will be closed to through traffic with access to businesses from one direction. The road closure will allow access from either the Ardagh Road or the Patterson Road end. The City will allow and post signage, regarding access to businesses.

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during construction. If you have any special needs, or if wheelchair access is required, please advise the Construction Engineer at 705-739-4220 x4362.