Most Parents Are Done With Summer Vacation Around The 2 Week Mark!

summer, too long, too expensive!

According to a study that examined how parents coped with summer vacation- parents don’t cope that well at all…

Over half of parents say (58%) that trying to plan out the kid’s entire summer gives them anxiety!

Having said that, 75% of parents say- this is why they’re done by week 2 of summer vacation! (for me, Christmas break is too long)

Believe it or not, 64% of parents feel guilty when they see other parents planning fun activities for their children… This is called PSG- Parental Summer Guilt. We feel this according to this study when our kids are inside doing nothing while those other super moms have planned out daily activities…

On average, kids will spend 9 entire days of their vacation playing video games…

For the seven in 10 parents that are prepared for the summer, the number one way to get a kid off a screen and out of the house was to take them to a water park or amusement park.

Throughout the entire summer, parents will shell out an average of $7,333.80 on making sure their kids are having the time of their lives.


Cost of summer:

Cost of tickets/entry fees/activities during summer: 278.16 (for 2 weeks) x 6 (12 weeks of summer) = $1,668.96

Cost of food and drinks for kids during summer: 255.83 (for 2 weeks) x 6 (12 weeks of summer) = $1,534.98

Cost of toys/games/things to occupy kids for kids during summer: 173.19 (for 2 weeks) x 6 ( 12 weeks of summer) = $1,039.14

All other expenses on children during summer: 515.22 (for 2 weeks) x 6 (12 weeks of summer) = $3,090.72