Most People Can’t Stand Seeing Vacation Photos On Social Media

The most hated pictures posted online are the "Hot Dog Legs"

Anyone remember postcards?  They were so simple, a nice picture of a place and a short note written directly by you. 

New survey says that people really don’t send postcards anymore!  But instead 77% of people are going online to share pictures from their trip with others.

It’s so common to see people on trips posting online, but is doesn’t mean people like to see it.

In fact, 73% of people from the survey say that are annoyed to see people share their vacation shots online. 

Of all those common vacation pictures shared online, the one that everyone seems to hate the most in the “Hot dog legs.”

You know, the person at the beach or pool who snaps a shot of their legs while laying out and asks you whether they’re legs or hot dogs.  so Lame!

44% of people say they post vacation pics to share with family and friends while 21% admit they take those pics to show off. 

And there are 10% who do it simply to make others jealous!