Most People Have Accepted That They Will Only Attend Virtual Parties For The Rest Of 2020

According to new research, six in ten adults have accepted that no actual parties will be had this year.

It’s been a rough year, to say the least, trying to give kids great birthdays during the lockdown.


However; 3 in 10 have already attended an in-person party since the pandemic began, with the average person planning on attending nine more parties before the end of 2020.


The OnePoll survey was done on behalf of Evite to determine which type of parties or events people were most likely to attend.  Meaning what events were worth risking your health for. Family birthday parties topped the list at 41%, while friend’s birthday parties came in second on the priority list at 36%. 26% of people said that they would attend a wedding

However, of those willing to attend an event, 78% said they would only do so under strict safety measures with an average of 6 guests in attendance. Safety measures that people except – chairs and tables six feet apart, masks, and individual servings of food.


Top five most likely attended events in 2020

Family birthdays: 41 percent

Friend birthdays: 36 percent

Weddings: 26 percent

Funerals: 21 percent

Baby showers: 20 percent


Top five safety measures that help people feel more comfortable attending in-person events

Socially distanced tables/chairs: 49 percent

Everyone wearing masks: 49 percent

Individual servings of food: 49 percent

Ample amounts of hand sanitizer: 45 percent

Temperature check: 39 percent