Most People in Quarantine Are Confused About What Day It Is

Don’t feel bad if you can’t get your days straight while in lockdown…

A new survey of 2000 people found that the average person gets confused about what day it is five times weekly.  80 per cent of people said the days are all starting to blur together due to all the time spent indoors…


This confusion is also causing people to be less motivated, with nearly 75 per cent of people saying that they’ve given up on “real clothes,’ opting for loungewear and sweats while in self isolation.


Sixty-nine percent of respondents also shared they’re having a hard time staying focused while working from home.

Top way to stay motivated in self-isolation

  1. Trying to exercise when you can – 50 percent
  2. Maintaining a semblance of your routine – 39 percent
  3. Using snacks as a motivator – 36 percent
  4. Maintaining a to-do list – 34 percent
  5. Having a friend, partner or friend to hold you accountable – 32 percent
  6. Giving yourself small rewards for your accomplishments – 31 percent
  7. Getting dress for work like you usually dress for the office – 22 percent