Most Suspicious Part About This Crime Was Buying An AC Unit in Winter

Credit Card Theft Suspect Caught on Camera

Police say a guy used a stolen credit card to buy an air conditioner, even more suspicious considering it’s winter! The suspect was allegedly caught on camera waiting at a south end Barrie condo unit for the delivery guy to show up with an air conditioner bought using a stolen card. Once the suspect helped unload his new appliance at the condo, police say he packed it up in a waiting SUV, before taking off to parts unknown. The suspect is described as:

  • Male
  • white
  • Heavy build
  • Dark hair
  • goatee
  • Wearing a black “North Face” jacket, cargo pants and black boots.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Higgins of the Barrie Police Fraud Unit at (705)725-7025 ext.2955, or via email at

Suspect Wanted Following Credit Card Fraud