Mother Of Little Boy H&M Model Speaks Out!

Well, here’s a plot twist we weren’t expecting

H&M putting a black boy in a hoodie that reads ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,’ enraged the world to the point where ads were pulled and H&M issued an apology.  When the story broke last week, a lot of people were asking, what was mom’s thoughts on all of this?  Well, now mom is speaking out!

Her name is Terry Mango and she doesn’t understand why everyone is outraged.


After the offensive photo began making rounds, a lot of people questioned where the child’s mother was when the company decided to put him in this hoodie. As it turns out, Terry was present during the shoot and watched as her son dressed in the outfit.  Mom says, “relax.”

It’s worth noting that Terry and her son are from a different country — a country that doesn’t share America’s same history with racism.


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