Motherhood Is Bad For Your Mental Health According To A Study!

New study shows what we already kinda knew!

There was a study published in the journal of sex roles that found that women are still doing the bulk of the household chores and are paying for it with them mental health!

We’ve come a long way and men are now helping out more with chores and kid responsibility, however; “most women still handle the bulk of a home’s “invisible labor.” 

Women who do handle most or all of the household duties reported feeling overwhelmed and even empty! 

The study found that of the 400 women surveyed, 9 out of 10 moms said they were solely responsible for the family’s schedule.

7 out of 10 moms were in charge of knowing what was going on at school.

And 5 out of 10 also took on the majority of the financial decisions and responsibilities…

All these burdens can and do lead to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. 

Here’s the full article, its worth a read!