Mounties Shut Down Alleged Text Scam Operation

Suspects Allegedly Capable of Sending 96,000 Phishing Texts A Day

You may have gotten one of these texts, a “Secret Shopper” job offer. This is the one where you’re offered a sum of money to be a secret shopper for a local business. It’s all a scam, some learned that the hard way, but the RCMP expects you may not be getting these texts anymore, after they arrested two people in an Etobicoke home yesterday. The Mounties say the pair had a sophisticated operation being run out of the bedroom where they could send 96,000 texts a day to Canadians coast-to-coast, and print off forged cheques to those who respond to the texts. Police estimate these texts resulted in about $400,000 being stolen from Canadians. The two suspects, aged 24 and 31, are expected in Toronto court mid-November.