Move Over Helicopter Parents, There’s A New Mom In Town

And she’s awesome!

Parents are often judged by their parenting styles, and even given names.  The helicopter mom, the lawn mower parent, the roaring at our kids achievement parents- just to name a few… But, there is a new mom in town and she seems awesome!


Have you heard of the unicorn mom?

This is a mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humour and couldn’t care less what you think!

They care about their kids, their families, their personal lives- they’re just not into the politics…Unicorn moms are funny, up front and honest!  They like to have fun, relax and they enjoy their adult beverages! 

They do what they have to do to keep their kids alive.  They also do what they have to do to keep their sanity.  No, I didn’t just make this parenting style up to make myself feel better – it’s actually a thing.


According to the Urban Dictionary, a unicorn mom is; 

If that isn’t something worth celebrating, then we don’t know what is.