Movie Sequels: Coming Soon

23 Jump Street  Yes, Ill answer your first questions ladies; Channing Tatum is going to return. […]

23 Jump Street 


Yes, Ill answer your first questions ladies; Channing Tatum is going to return. I was more concerned with Jonah Hill, he’s expected back too.



There are 3 Avatar sequels coming. Legendary Director James Cameron has scripts ready and his plan is to shoot all 3 sequels non stop. Still a long way to go, as Avatar 2 is set for Christmas 2017, Avatar 3 Christmas 2018 & 4 by Christmas 2019.

Bad Boys 3 & 4 


Fans of this series have been waiting annnnnnd waiting. There are 2 key players here to blame, Director Michael Bay and Will Smith. Both are extremely busy so Bad Boys 3 may go ahead with a different Director. Martin Lawrence is probably growing impatient too, he’s far less busy than the others.

Neighbours 2 


Seth Rogan and Zac Efron are currently shooting this sequel to 2014’s surprise comedy hit. Expect more laughs with a new frat house and Efron’s character brought in to fight back. Summer 2016.

Beetlejuice 2 


Tim Burton isn’t big on sequels but this one deserves it. Michael Keaton has indicated that he would return to the lead role and Winona Ryder has as well.

Die Hard: Year One 

die hard

Essentially this is Die Hard 6. Len Wiseman is set to Direct Bruce Willis once again, as John McClane. Word is this will be a prequel, set in 1979. After Die Hard 5 this series took a nose dive, the story better be a good one to revive a dying franchise.

Cars 3

cars 3

June 2017

Toy Story 4


 YESSSSSS! June 2018

The Incredibles 2


Coming in 2019. Wow that’s 15 years AFTER the original.