Movies out this holiday weekend!

The Danish Girl Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence The reboot to Point Break, Daddy’s Home PLUS […]

The Danish Girl

Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence

The reboot to Point Break,

Daddy’s Home

PLUS the movie that people are calling the most important film of the year… Concussion-starring Will Smith who plays Forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu…the Dr. said to have made the actual connect between neurological damage in the sport of Football…


and keeping with the Will Smith theme…. Will Smith want to play Barack Obama on the big screen after floating the idea to the U.S. President during a recent meeting. Will reveals he would love to turn the politician’s life story into a movie at some point in the future, and if the project does come to fruition, Smith wants to be first in line for the lead role.


Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Fire Off Insults At Each Other They’re out promoting their new movie “Daddy’s Home” and while at the BBC they played the “Playground Insult Game” much to our enjoyment


Madonna’s 15 year old wants to stay in London with his dad! A New York judge has ordered Madonna’s teenage, Rocco to return home to New York for the holidays…The 15 year old has been in London spending time with his dad, Guy Ritchie…. A custody battle unfolded in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday morning after Rocco, reportedly refused to board a flight back from London, where he has been spending time with his filmmaker father. Madonna and Ritchie divorced in 2008 after almost eight years of marriage, during which they adopted another son, 10-year-old David Banda.


Martin Sheen is recovering in hospital after undergoing quadruple heart bypass surgery in the last few days, his son Emilio Estevez has revealed. The decision to operate on his heart was a proactive one, not an emergency situation. After all the news about his other son, Charlie- who could blame him…


Forbes list of most Valuable actors… Yesterday Forbes released their list of most overpaid actors and taking that honour was Johnny Depp… Forbes has released its list of most Valuable actors! It looks like a couple of superheros made the cut… All thanks to the box office success of the Marvel superhero films, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Chris Evans is #1 this year making $181.90 for every $1 he’s paid….

Other’s on the list include:

1. Chris Evans

2. Mila Kunis ($87.30 per $1)

3. Scarlett Johansson ($84.90 per $1)

4. Gwenyth Paltrow ($82.90 per $1)

5. Emma Stone ($54.00 per $1)


Steve Harvey gets the last laugh…. There are so many meme’s with Steve Harvey announcing the wrong Miss Universe 2015 winner on your timeline right now!!! But the last laugh might be on us… Steve is said to have signed a HUGE contract to host Miss Universe just days before the pageant happened on Sunday. The word is that his paycheck is “more than they’ve ever paid before for a host.” This deal could be anywhere from three – six years long.