‘Murder Hornets’ Are A Good Source Of Protein, Provided They Don’t Eat You First…


People are beginning to freak out about the possibility of these ‘murder hornets’ living amongst us.  Hives have been detected in North America, including in parts BC.


Zoologists and pest-control experts are trying to eradicate the Asian ‘murder hornets,’ but some say- why not eat them?


Even though these 2-inch long terrifying hornets have killed several people in recent years in parts of Asia. In more rural parts of Central Japan, these ‘murder hornets’ as eaten by people as a cheap form of protein.  They are often prepared pan-fired and even skewered for an on-the-go treat.


So what do they taste like? Do you even want to know?


Joseph Yoon, independent chef and founder of Brooklyn Bugs, told The NY Post. “People have compared it to a popcorn-y flavour without the butter.”  Foodies in Tokyo are eating them up, literally as several upscale restaurants have giant hornets on the menu.


According to Yoon, when they are steamed with rice they create a popular entree called hebo-gohan, and their drowned corpse and preserved venom are also key ingredients in some types of shochu, a clear distilled liquor of Japan.