Music That Will Turn 20 This Year!

1999, the year of denim!

Yes, with every new year marks a new anniversary!  And even though we know this, its hard to believe that 1999 was 20 years ago!

Ready to feel old?  Here it goes!  On January 12th 1999 that world was floored by Britney Spears and her album “Hit Me Baby.”


Before Beyonce went solo, 1999 was the year of Destiny’s Child “Say my name” and “Jumpin Jumpin.”

Also in 1999 the Backstreet Boys were getting ready to release their sophomore album Millennium with such hits as “Don’t go breaking my heart” blasting on our disc mans…Millennium also gave us “Larger than life” and “I want it that way.”

Blink 182- “All The Small Things” came out and Christina Aguilera blasted out with “What a girl wants” and “Genie in a bottle.”

Ricky Martin released his self-titled album in November of 1999, opening the bilingual album with party anthem “Livin’ la Vida Loca.”