Must See: Collingwood Schools Dance Outdoors

100’s of #Collingwood Students took part in the Sharing Dance event today as part of […]

Hundreds of elementary students in Collingwood showed off some impressive dance moves. Students from Jean Vanier Catholic High School, Pretty River Academy, Connaught Public School, Mountain View Elementary School, Admiral Collingwood Elementary School, Cameron Street Public School and École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-de-la-Huronie all took part in Wednesday’s Sharing Dance School Community Event.

“The Sharing Dance initiative of Canada’s National Ballet School aims to inspire creativity and support well-being.”

Schools teamed up with Erin McAndrew from E.M. Creative Productions on Canada’s National Ballet School. Each group of students had been practicing their moves with McAndrew ahead of the choreographed dance celebration at the Central Park Baseball Diamond in Collingwood.

Students also learned about other forms of dance from historical indigenous dancers to more modern forms of dance.

The dance was part of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge theme of Power Off and Play – and it’s why you see students powering down to the music. McAndrew told the students its all about active play over screen