Must Try Fine Dining Restaurants North of Toronto

Looking for a more refined dining experience north of the six?

Looking for a more refined dining experience north of the six? These eatery’s rival the best in the city. From established locales to hidden gems, we have compiled a list of must-try fine-dining restaurants north of Toronto.

The North Restaurant | Barrie

Located in Downtown Barrie, the North is run by Chef and Owner Marco Ormonde, who is an award-winning chef. The North offers signature dishes, nightly features and a premier tasting.   (Menu)

Tremont Cafe | Collingwood

You can find the historic Tremont Hotel in downtown Collingwood. The Tremont Cafe offers authentic food, complex coffee, and a proper drink. Chef Josh Fevens and the staff pride themselves on hospitality and craftsmanship. (Menu)

Dock of the Bay | Gravenhurst

Cottaging in Muskoka and craving a fine glass of vino to pair with steak or seabass? Dock of the Bay in Gravenhurst was born from a love of fine wines and is considered a premiere location in Muskoka. Chef Darren serves gourmet meals prepared with only the freshest produce.  (Menu)

Chez Michel | Creemore

Chez Michel is a French country restaurant located in the heart of picturesque Creemore. Chef Michel Masselin trained in the kitchens of Chez Pierrot, a renowned French restaurant in the Bathurst/St. Germain area.


Richwell’s | Port Carling

Expertly prepared, creatively presented. Executive Chef Richard creates meals that are universally great, but uniquely Muskokan. Enjoy the vibe or get “Gourmet to Go” with their new take-out.  (Menu)

Michael & Marion’s | Barrie

Michael and Marion’s take pride in setting culinary trends in downtown Barrie.  A must stop for dinner, tapas, cocktails on their patio or Sunday brunch. Chef Chris Pyne brings the world to your plate. Pyne used inspiration from his time working in the United Kingdom to develop seasonal menus.  (Menu)

Mrs. Mitchell’s | Shelburne

The good places always last. Mrs. Mitchell’sis one of those. It’s described as a superior dining experience with “the freshest ingredients that are prepared simply, combined harmoniously and presented beautifully.” The decor is dramatically different than most of the other restaurants featured. Mrs. Mitchell’s is decked out in colonial décor.  (Menu)

The Mill Street Bistro | Coldwater

Chef and owner, Joey Malandrino serves up a delectable taste experience in this hidden gem just a job off Highway 400 on your way up to cottage country. His creations will leave you wanting more. The setting is along the river in Coldwater which is a town that can only be described as “Instagram heaven.”  (Menu)