MUST WATCH: Carole Baskin, Dancing With The Stars, And Don Lewis

"Carole Baskin, Killed Her Husband, Whacked Him. Can't Convince Me It Didn't Happen" - TikTok that I forgot who someone made

Dancing With The Stars kicked off last night with a new slew of celebs hitting he ballroom floors once again! Fans got to see professional athlete legends, Vernon Davis, Charles Oakley, alongside stars like Nelly and… CAROLE BASKIN?

The “Tiger King” star who rose to fame during the pandemic was invited on the show and did a routine to “Eye Of The Tiger” ironically.

Funniest part of this story?

The family of her former husband, Don Lewis, who went “missing” in Costa Rica eighteen years ago, took out some PRIME ad space. Seriously, I think this is the most BALLER lawyer move.

They announced they’re seeing help and are looking into the case again. Check it out:

I’m sorry, this is hilarious and all I can say is SARDINE OIL.