Naked Feet Is The Cool New Thing!

Feet first!

At least it is to one advocacy group who calls themselves “Barefoot is Legal.” This group has a Facebook page and a website to further support their right to bare their feet.

Their mission and its members are so incredibly serious about it: “Advocacy for barefoot acceptance.”

This group hopes to promote “barefooting’ is all public places including the office, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, sidewalks and just about everywhere else.  The group is trying to educate businesses on the facts that in many cases, footwear is not necessary and can have a negative effect on your health…

Currently, in case you were wondering- in the US there are not any major laws that prevent you from going barefoot in establishments.

Over the last two and a half years since the mission was founded online and on social media, it has amassed over 60,000 active members.
They say they come from all kinds of backgrounds, including doctors, lawyers, and pastors.

The group makes some great points in their memes and articles…