National Lampoon’s Vacation Is Getting A TV Series!

That's a lot of lights, Dad!

Big Bang Theory Star Johnny Galeski played a then kid Rusty in Christmas Vacation back in 1989.  Now the all grown up Galeski will serve as an executive producer for “The Griswolds,” a series based on the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movies!

The program will stream on the new HBO Max streaming service, says Variety!

The franchise began in 1983 with “Vacation.” More sequels would follow including “European Vacation” in 1985, and “Christmas Vacation” in 1989.  Then there was Vegas Vacation in 1997 and a new cast reboot movie “Vacation” in 2015.

HBO Max launches in the US in May of 2020. And Canadian’s will be able to get HBO Max via Crave TV.