Natural ways to keep spiders out of your house without resorting to burning it down!

It’s bedtime, you’re just about to watch the news or curl up with a book […]

It’s bedtime, you’re just about to watch the news or curl up with a book when you notice something out of the corner of your eye….Its a spider….oh the horror. Its not looking like its moving anywhere soon, but still…There’s no way you can rest with that creepy crawly in your room.


True enough, they are just trying to escape the cold, but there is no room in your house for spiders… So what to do?

Here are some natural ways to spider-proof your life…

Essential oils….

Get your peppermint oil, get your eucalyptus oil and put them around entryways like windows and doors; even outside too. Spiders hate the essential oils…Apparently, they’re also pretty grossed out by tea tree oil, rose, cinnamon, citronella or lavender…


Try vinegar. It won’t smell as nice but if you mix half white vinegar, half water into a spray bottle, it will do the job too.

Clean up after yourself

Crumbs and dirt attract insects, which in turn attract the spiders who like to eat them. Also dust away cobwebs as soon as you see them.

Tidy the outside of your house

Got loads of plant pots and overgrown shrubbery underneath your ground floor windows? Piles of wood near your door? Is there ivy climbing up your walls? These are the perfect temporary housing for spiders who will then move into your home when they find a way in.

Eat more oranges

Spiders hate anything citrus, so chuck citrus peel around the place. Leaving it on windowsills and outside doors.

Get a cat

They’ll chase them away for you. They might also torture them really slowly by playing with them.

Turn exterior lights off

This way, they won’t know you’re home. Also because insects like idiotic moths are attracted to lights